Learning Manila and Intramuros 2005

Jumping somewhere in 2005, the Walled City of Intramuros became a large part of life when I start reading my Grandpa’s collections of Word War II books and most of are centered around Manila. The first book I read was “The Battle for Manila” by Richard Connaughton, John Pimlott and Duncan Anderson. I read that within a few days and I brought it everywhere I go by the time I returned it to my Grandpa’s bookshelves it was totally worn out. The book focused on the Liberation of Manila and at the same time the destruction of the city itself with 100,000 people and heritage from the bygone era of the Spaniards. I learn a lot of things about the war itself and Manila, and especially the Walled City of Intramuros. I was so fascinated about the history of the city and the precious heritage stolen from us that I decided to learn more about the city that it was used to be. It was followed by Nick Joaquin’s “Manila, My Manila,” “Intramuros” and “Warsaw of Asia: The rape of Manila” by  Jose Ma. Bonifacio M. Escoda.


These books opened my eyes of how Manila was once used to be and neglected by most in history. The appreciation of the life and buildings that once stood The Pearl of the Orient” was gone and cannot be replaced.


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