North Pierhead Light, Wisconsin

When we finished visiting the Discovery museum, we went by the pier. There, we saw a red lighthouse and a statue of Christopher Columbus. So Dad took a picture of me by it. Then we all walked around the park near the harbor and as we do that here is the history of the lighthouse.

North Pier Poscard

“The station was established in 1856. This pierhead light is one of a succession of lighthouses in this location, which were needed as the structures were destroyed by natural processes, or became obsolete as the piers were greatly extended.

The current lighthouse was built in 1906. It stands 50 feet tall, with a gently tapered shape, topped with a cylindrical lantern. The walls of the tower are cast iron plates. Inside the tower, the first story is 12 feet six inches in diameter. From the first story, a curving cast iron stairway ascends to the second story. The third story contains meteorological equipment which is connected to the lantern above. A steel ladder leads to a trapdoor in the ceiling. The fourth story is the lantern room, which contains a modern acrylic beacon.

Pic with the lighthouse

Located on the north pier, the pierhead light is listed in the United States Coast Guard light list and the United States Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System as the Kenosha Light. It currently is painted red, but the lighthouse also has been painted white in the past. The adjacent south pier and breakwater also had lighthouses, but now have cylindrical navigational lights. These included fog signal buildings and elevated iron catwalks, all of which have been removed.

In June 2008, the Kenosha Pierhead Lighthouse was deemed “excess” by the Coast Guard. Pursuant to the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act of 2000, it was offered at no cost to eligible entities, including federal, state and local agencies, non-profit corporations, educational agencies, or community development organizations. A deadline of July 21 was created for qualified organizations to express interest. At this time, no organization came forward.

Another old picture of the lighthouse

In 2011, the excess property was put up for auction and was purchased by Heather McGee and John Burhani. The lighthouse is currently being used as an art studio and gallery as its name now conveys; Kenosha Lighthouse Studio. Art shows, open to the public, can be found on the website. The Kenosha Lighthouse Studio is open for individual dinners/meetings and other events.

The light is accessible for exterior inspection, but not open to the public.”

We walked around the Harbor Park and today it was not too crowded and sun weather was beautiful. We also noticed the statue on the middle. With first look, I already recognized who the man was, the man who “discover” America.

The Spirit of the Immigrant Statue of Christopher Columbus

Statue of the Christopher Columbus

“The Spirit of the Immigrant Statue of Christopher Columbus is dedicated to immigrants from countries around the world who have traveled under difficult circumstances to Kenosha, Wisconsin, and America with the hope of building a better life for themselves and their families. Columbus was chosen to depict this select group of people because of the vision and courage that he displayed in 1492. He proved his theory that’s why sailing west he could circumnavigate the world, thus he prevailed over the conventional wisdom that this feat could not be accomplished.

Monument to the immigrants

Many of the immigrants of times past and today have demonstrated enormous courage by leaving their homelands under difficult circumstances and often the skepticism of their countrymen to forge abetter life. It is that spirit of Americans that the committee recognizes and thus dedicates this statue to all the immigrants who made America unique and the strongest country in the world.” – Sculptor Michael Martino

It was strange to put this man here and to symbolize him for the immigrants. First of all, he never set foot in this part of the continent, another there were more respectable people that can be honor. Anyway, that was for walk around the park and we left to see other parts of Kenosha.

Here are the links for more information:

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