San Barnabas Church, Venice

We passed through the Venetian rivers and saw other more interesting buildings which we would unfortunately have to skip. After five to six stops from the Piazza San Marco we finally descended the boat bus at San Toma station. From there we followed my phone’s GPS and we passed by several small bridges and to small alleys missing a turn and going back. We also saw some fountains in which Magen sadly said she could have brought her water bottle to be filled up.

We headed back to the Academia and before reaching that area we finally arrived at Campo San Barnaba which was the district where the church was located. When we reached the end of Calle de la Boteghe we caught a glimpse of the church. We crossed the bridge, taking a picture and Deelow was disappointed.

Side door of the church

For me, I was happy to be successful in finding the place from the movie, while Deelow was looking for the restaurant in front of the church and the manhole covers which sadly not really existed. I was still hoping the interior was a little bit like the one on the movie but I was disappointed. it was totally different.

There is an exhibit going on about Leonardo da Vinci and his works and if I have to pay for it I don’t want to waste my money so I didn’t. I took a picture of the available interior from the entrance and it wasn’t that much. As I look around here is a brief history of the building.

“A church at the site was built in the ninth century, but destroyed by fire in 1105. Rebuilt in 1350, it was reconstructed in its present form in 1776 under the patronage of Marcantonio Grimani using designs of Lorenzo Boschetti. The 11th-century campanile, detached from the main body of the church, has a pine-cone shaped spire from the 1300s.

Indiana Jones 3 0-25-50
Exterior of the church

To the left of the church was the entrance to the Casin dei Nobili (Casino of the Aristocracy), which was an active gaming house in the 18th century. The church is now deconsecrated and used as an exhibition  site for Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions.”

Scenes from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Okay so now we knew the history of the church let us go back to the imaginary world of Indiana Jones and explain the scene and what the church was on our film world.

The church appeared on the third installment of the movie: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989). Indiana and his colleagues were looking for his father and ended up at this church which in the movie was a library.

The interior was shot on studios such as looking for the Roman numbers, breaking the floor and the underground passages. even the tomb of the Holy Grail knight was in the studio. There was no manhole where they emerged.

No manhole

After that bitter disappointment, our parents went to another souvenir store after finding out the items were made in Italy. While me and Magen brought some drinks. Then we all meet up and rode the boat number 1 at the Ca’ Rezzonico station and continued our journey back to the terminal ferry P. le Roma.

Here are the links for more information:,_Venice

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